For Holistic Doctors

Edom Laboratories has been dedicated to serving Holistic Doctors since 1948.

Most of our clients are Holistic Doctors and Chiropractors, and therefore our priority is to serve your health care needs in the best way possible.

We continue to develop and create products that:

  1. Will support your Holistic Health Care
  2. Will promote good health and provide preventative care for your patients
  3. Will provide effective solutions to treat various health problems with condition specific supplements

Edom Laboratories wants you to know that you can be completely confident when recommending our products to your patients.

One of our most popular products continues to be Chiro-Klenz® Tea, an effective colon cleansing tea.

Let your patients try the tea for free. It is the best way for them to experience the benefits themselves, and they will naturally come back to purchase a box.

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